Georgie`s Peri-Menopause/Menopause Manifest!

Iodine………Natures miracle.

What is does;

  • Essential for the THYROID GLAND so with Iodine Supplementation you will notice a big increase in your ENERGY levels.
  • ANXIETY………… For reasons that I don`t yet fully understand, IODINE has almost completely eliminated my sudden onset of Anxiety. ( Started at age 47 out of the blue, I had never suffered from anxiety before )
  • A very cool side effect of IODINE is an ability to finally lose weight, woohoooo, no more to say on that one!
  • A powerful DETOX remedy, removes safely all HALIDES from the body. ( Link explaining the reasons why we are all so toxic with Halides.


Click on this link below for the full and proper PROTOCOL, its easy reading and can be done over a small cup of CamomileTea.

I use LUGOLS IODINE 5% , I take 100mgs per day in a small shot glass of COCONUT MILK first thing in the morning before any food. It tastes, well, interesting ( think swimming pools ha ha ) but really, its so worth the weird face expression!

COMPANION NUTRIENTS……………… If you follow the IODINE PROTOCOL on this page you cant really go wrong, however do not skimp on the Companion Nutrients or you will suffer the detox fallout and its not pleasant ( been there and got the T-shirt )

FLAXSEED, a Ladies Best Friend

Flaxseed Is rich in OMEGA 3, this is a powerhouse of amazingness ( yes its a word ) and Is every gals Best friend during the Peri-Menopause and Menopause.

What it does;

  • Relieves dry skin, cracking nails and thinning, breaking, dry hair and hair loss
  • Relieves constipation
  • Relieves depression
  • Helps correct hormonal imbalances
  • Protects the immune system
  • Protects the heart
  • Protects the nervous system and brain
  • Helps prevent arthritis and promotes bone health.
  • Improves energy / fights fatigue
  • Lower glucose levels
  • Decrease central obesity (weight carried around the middle)
  • Improve heart health
  • Unexpected Side Effects………………… Get Your SEXY PANTS on Girls, didn’t expect that one ( If you know what I mean ) Wink Wink x

Pretty Cool for a tiny seed, so here's how you use it.

Use only GOLDEN FLAX , buy the whole seeds and grind in a coffee grinder or Liquidiser/Blender……… this is because the body can not use the whole seed, you need to release all the goodness by opening the seeds. Once you have your ground Flax store it on an airtight jar or put in the fridge.

Take your ground Flax and each night before bed put your chosen dose into a bowl and pour over a cup of recently boiled water, cover and let soak overnight. WHY do this ? Well again, to get the full benefits of Flax, it NEEDS a minimum of EIGHT HOURS soaking to release its goodness, simple .

Dose…………… Start with ONE TABLESPOON a day and work up over a matter of weeks to a QUARTER OF A CUP. SPLIT the dose into to halves and use morning and evening. Us ladies are pretty amazing at adding Flax to our diet, do your research for cool ideas on the interweb……………...Moi? I add mine to my breakfast smoothie and sprinkle over salads and soups etc. ;)

* Did You Know…………………… Flax seeds are pretty cool for the men in your life too, they are a potent PROSTATE protector from CANCER, yes that’s right, spread the word to the men folk because this amazing little seed has MAGICAL powers too and boosts TESTOSTERONE which can decline with age in Men! GO FLAX!


Heres my top list of SUPER SPECIAL essential oils for HORMONAL HEALTH.

My Massage/Moisturising Oil Mix;

  • CLARY SAGE…………...Balances all female Hormones and is great for BREAST TENDERNESS and OVARIAN PAIN.
  • LAVENDER oil………...Relaxes everything, soothes the mind Body and Soul, also good for PAIN RELIEF, especially MIGRAINES……...who knew!
  • FRANKINCENSE OIL…………...Probably one of the best and most used oils in our home, I basically put it in most of my oils mixes because its such an incredibly versatile oil. ( Brilliant for TEETH as its a powerful antibacterial agent ) Amazing anti Ageing benefits for SKIN.

Have some fun and make your own Unique Mix, enjoy the AROMAS and the JOY of knowing you are putting only the most precious and natural ingredients on your skin.

*I use EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL in all my skin care oil mixes as it suits my skin best, but you can try Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and even AVOCADO OIL, one of my favourites for the FACE.


Here’s what I discovered about the food we eat and its effects on my body.

  • GLUTEN IS EVIL…………...this strange and seemingly innocuous ingredient has been a very big learning curve for me and not a pleasant one. I exclude this from my diet and avoid it like the plague! Symptoms are instant if ingested for me……...MIGRAINE, MUSCLE SPASM, SKIN RASHES, FATIGUE of the highest order, akin to taking a sleeping pill!!!
  • POTATOES…………… My all time fave Vegetable and I grieve when I have to avoid it but if I eat POTATO in any shape or form, I break out in ECZEMA, it took me years to work this one out !
  • CHEESE and DAIRY PRODUCTS in general………… these MUCOUS producing foods are triggers for MIGRAINE and also DIZZINESS/VERTIGO, I also SNEEZE an awful lot.
  • COWS MILK and CREAM delivers a powerful and very unpleasant time on the TOILET ( ha ha ) maybe its just me? Sadly I don`t think so.
  • I discovered COCONUT CREAM, Oh so Yummy, HA, take that Dairy!!
  • MEAT AND POULTRY…………...Unless you can afford the best organic and can literally chat with the farmer to check that his animals have not been fed hormones or antibiotics, then avoid these foods.
  • Hormones are wrecking our own bodies delicate system, interfering with our natural Hormonal rhythm and destroying our health ( maybe you can tell I feel quite strongly on this one ) The same can be said for farmed fish ( just my opinion ) So please be thoughtful about eating animal products, sadly these days they are often contaminated and are not healthy by a long chalk.
  • There is plenty about this on the Interweb if you care to look, be discerning and understand how sometimes information is not all it appears to be, check your sources people.
  • For Obvious reasons I avoid all CAFFEINE, its just bad all round quite frankly, stresses the adrenal`s and causes heart palpitations, best to drink herbal teas or Decaff Coffee that has used spring water processing to remove the caffeine.

Tips for Companion Nutrients……………

Do your body and your bowels a favour and don`t take magnesium supplements in tablet form, make your own MAGNESIUM OIL and apply topically , this avoids the embarrassment factor ( Increased Toilet Time ) and ensures a good absorption rate ( if you wish you can buy the oil ready made online ) MAGNESIUM FLAKES are available in most health stores now, just mix an equal amount of the Flakes with boiling water and stir until dissolved, pop in a spray bottle and spray legs and torso in the evening. If you don`t like the stickiness, apply some moisturiser over the top, works beautifully.

* For those new to Mag Oil, it only stings for the first few applications, then that sensation disappears forever.

Good Luck Ladies and the Men Folk who love us ;D

Georgie xx