Nutritional and Supplement aftercare for Trauma Healing Clients

After a Trauma Healing session your physical body now has to catch up with your spiritual self. To help this I recommend you apply the following to your daily health regime for at least six weeks then adjust Supplements to suit.

High strength fish oils. . . . Potent anti inflammatory and will ease pain especially in joints and muscles, also has been shown to reduce anxiety. Fish oils are great if you are detoxing too and have a multitude of health benefits thrown in.

Dose at beteeen 1000 mgs -2000 mgs a day and drop down to between 500 mgs-1000 mgs a day for maintenance.

It's no coincidence that research is showing very real benefits to people with arthritis who take fish oils.

Selenium 200-400 mgs per day. Supports the Thyroid Gland and this is essential when detoxing.

Vitamin C. 2000-4000 mgs per day dropping down to 1000mgs maintenance. Powerful detox easer, mops up free radicals and supports Adrenal Health.

Good quality multivitamin that has Zinc and all the B's included. We use AZinc.

Magnesium.....the most wonderful but underestimated element sadly lacking in most humans due to the depletion of Magnesium in our soils today from modern farming.

Magnesium is great for Insomnia, stress, anxiety and research is now very promising in people who suffer with Migraines.

A section of migraine sufferers respond favourably to Magnesium supplementation.

The very best way to absorb Magnesium is Transdermal, i.e. Through the skin, this avoids the problem of malabsorption which causes diarrhoea.

You can buy the oil ready made or you can very easily make your own cheaply with Magnesium Flakes.

Take one cup of Flakes and add one cup of boiling water and mix until dissolved, cool and pour into a spray bottle and start with two sprays each night on thighs or abdomen and work up until benefit is reached. The trick with Magnesium is to go low and slow, don't go straight in with a high dose.

First time users will find it stings for the first few nights, then this stops. If you don't like the feel of the oil you can either wash off after thirty mins or apply a moisturiser on top which works very well.

IODINE therapy, ideal for those of you suffering from FATIGUE and/or ANXIETY.

For those of you with food sensitivities, please keep a journal and note all foods that your body is alerting you to. Listening to our bodies is essential as it will communicate when it's feeling under stress, pain and inflammation are big signs your body is struggling with either a food stuff or a toxin.

Common foods sensitivities are;

Gluten......pain, muscle spasms, migraine and rashes.

Dairy.......increased mucous production and sneezing, rashes including eczema and psoriasis, dizziness and vertigo, pressure in the ears, ear infections in children are often caused by dairy foods.

Sugar.......big increase in pain especially in joints or old injuries.

Nightshade Family....Potatoes......these can cause inflammation especially noticed when eaten at night, the older the potato, the higher the inflammation! ( Mashed Potato, Roast Potatoes, Crisps etc ) Look out for joint and muscle pain, Aching HOT legs and FEET at night, sometimes called Restless Leg Syndrome.

Not everyone who is sensitive to potatoes are sensitive to other nightshades, but if you feel unwell after chilli's or Tomatoes then you need to avoid the nightshade family.

These are just some of the things you can do to support your body's healing process, if you can take some time out to rest and relax, have fun, laugh especially, then this also is great.

Meditation and Herbal Teas are very beneficial and many people notice that after Trauma Healing they are naturally more inclined to make better health choices, including stopping Smoking and Avoiding Alcohol, these are the wonderful side effects of ridding yourself of Trauma Blocks.