My Services

Spiritual Readings

Readings are for anyone that lacks direction and comfort in their lives, times are difficult and just the right words tend to help. Understanding what you have been though and how you can change your situation for the better is a great asset to your life, our life paths are not set in stone and have never really been like that, we have no real purpose in life and relating to this is difficult, your life is yours and your choices are freewill. You can choose to do or be anything, but fear, experiences, choices and expectations stop us or slow us down. Bad experiences change our way of thinking, sadness, loneliness all take us in different directions.

Shining clarity on this helps you navigate what you can truly get out of your life, and all the possibilities around you. It is possible to talk to loved ones that have passed on, their energy is still very much around us and they offer us support, encouragement and validation.

All you have to do is be open minded and let yourself be guide

Heart Energy Connection

The Heart energy connection brings you into alignment with your own consciousness, your heart centre if you would like to call it that. You will understand how you are connected to all, and how to use this to create anything you truly would like in this world.

This sounds complex but it really isn't and should never be difficult, it was never intended to be hard work, hard work is what the world seems to make for us.

The heart energy is the beginning of your journey, one that is accessible to all by choice. You could go on to use this knowledge to move your life forward, bring a passion to reality, gain new connections with people (the right people for you) and to find happiness and enlightenment.

The information is within you, it is never taught to you from me, it is just being re discovered, this forgotten ability lies dormant waiting to be utilized. This can be understood within an hour and you will be able to feel and see the benefits straight away. Love is the only way, everything is love, everything goes and comes from love.

Trauma Energetic Healing

Trauma energetic healing is a very specific type of healing, it is used to help people heal themselves of many traumatic experiences in their past, which leads to illnesses and ailments.

One session should give you all the tools you need to give you confidence in this process, and be able to see a change in your circumstances almost straight away.

I will ask to talk with you before we agree to a session, this is so you can feel if I am the right fit for you and I know I can help you.

I will not waste your time and money if I feel that this will not suit you, sometimes people are not ready to allow change and are not open to new possibilities for many different reasons. I do not push and an able to proceed at your pace.

This can be done in person or on telegram in your own home.

More about this healing can be found here.