What is an attachment?

An attachment by definition states that;
A feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like.
Something that attaches; a fastening or tie.
With the above in mind, a spiritual attachment can be positive or negative. If we look at the positive, then we can say that spirit guides angels or love ones past, are positive as they bring us love guidance, and of course positive energy. We embrace these spiritual beings as we benefit from this bond and relationship, this is an unconditional relationship.

With negative attachments they are different because they are reversed. They are spiritual entities that attach to us to use our positive energy for their own gain. Some of these entities have a conscious mind, some are controlled by other energies and the others are low entities without intellect or a conscious mind these are nothing more than empty parasites.
Where do these attachments come from?

These entities come from a variety of different places however the main source is from the spiritual world. The spiritual world entwines with our physical world and this realm is made up of a different energy to ours, it has no real physical substance but is very real non the less. The other source we see is from negative energy, this is the energy that is made from negative activities and ones own negative emotions.

How do these energies attach to us?

The negative energies that are very dark attach to our spiritual self. We are made up of two parts, the physical and the spiritual, there has been talk for many years that we are made up of many different energies but this isn’t the case in my opinion and experience, there are in fact just two parts to us.
The spiritual part of us is the part that we use to connect with the spiritual realm and spiritual energies and entities, this is our way to communicate and interact as is the same for spiritual energies and entities to connect with us. In this way the negative energies seek positive, uplifting energy that we possess, they feed off this energy to give them power and life. They attach to us with a connection like a power cord, this is a spiritual cord and one which we don’t really see or feel. Once this has been done they can then stay with us draining our energy and making us lose our positive outlook and happy feeling, this can be a very slow drain over a period of years, it all depends on the entity or energy in question. This is perhaps something akin to a tapeworm, a parasite using us like a host to survive and breed.

Why do we get them?

Anyone can get attachments, it is not unusual and I suspect that most of us have had them at some time or another, the severity of these attachments differs from person to person,one might have a minor entity for a short period of time and end up losing the attachment to someone else, in which case they probably never realised they had one or that they had passed it on to another soul! Attachments can move from one soul to another very easily.
On the other side of the coin you have an unfortunate soul who acquires a very dark entity that will remain with them for many years leaving that poor soul empty with no positive outlook in life and having thoughts of suicide and depression. We should understand at this point that not everyone with depression has an attachment however, I would not be surprised if 80% of those were not attachment related in some way.
So these entities move around us from person to person looking for positive energy to feed off, this is the attractive energy they seek, they are not looking for people that are in a negative state as they will not gain anything from them. So if you are a happy and positive person then you would be a perfect host, as I have said before, most people get them and lose them quickly so this isn’t an issue.

Who is most at risk?

The people that are most at risk are unfortunately spiritual workers. This makes sense as spiritual workers are surrounded by light and loving energy that they use for their work.
Spiritual workers should understand that they are prime targets and that visualizing a protective bubble around them or asking a spirit guides/angels to protect them will not do the job.
This is foolish at best as dark energies have the same abilities as light energies and we must understand that although our angels and spirit guides are here to help us, it remains our responsibility to protect ourselves fully in these instances.

How can I tell if I have one?

Here are a few tell tale signs that we can be aware of:
A feeling that you are being watched and are not alone( If you are a medium you will sense spirits anyway but it is an energy that you cant connect to fully.)
A feeling that you are being guided away from something important( e.g. you feel you need to get on with spiritual work but put it off and forget to come back to it.)
Vivid nightmarish dreams that are out of character.
A feeling of dread and a loss of a positive outlook.
Feeling a spirit around you but unable to connect and then forgetting that you were sensing them.
Memory loss for the simplest of things.
Feeling that you should give up your spiritual work.
These are only a selection of examples you will see, it is interesting to note that it is quite common to acquire more than one attachment and in my experience, it is rare to find only one!
These attachments are able to protect themselves from detection and elimination by rendering the host unable to remember, this is why it is important to seek professional help or the assistance of another spiritual worker.

How do you get rid of attachments:

The removal of attachments is quite a long process and one which needs a strong mind and the ability to find them, as most attachments like to hide.
It is recommended that you have someone else with you that can verify what you are doing, seeing and feeling. I will include another article on “How to remove attachments” soon for those of you who may need the information.
I sincerely hope that the above article will be of use to our compatriots in the spiritual and healing field and welcome any thoughts or questions.