The Heart Energy Connection

We connect with different people everyday, we may not communicate verbally but we do interact on a different level, a more subtle level. We sense many things from others and yet we do this subconsciously, our brain utilises this constant flow of information and we make judgements and decisions based primarily on this.

This judgement toward others comes from our own emotional state at that time and also from past experiences and fear, we guard our heart, it is an instinct of survival which has a number effects, and this can in turn prevents others from feeling our energy and hinders them reading us, just as this prevents us from feeling and reading everything about the other person.

The blocking of this energy may seem as though it would protect us from bad intention or prying thoughts and eyes, but in fact it can have the opposite effect. The shutting down of our connection results in a lack of Intuition which sources our knowledge to help us negotiate new connections.

If we are open fully the most beautiful experience happens, we become aware of other connections and who they are at a soul level, we do not have to worry if they have negative intent or are selfish with their motives as we are able feel their innermost thoughts.

On the plus side, we are able to feel the person that is genuine and giving, one that is open to a real connection one that will benefit both parties.

Everyone wants to be understood and feel valued, by giving the other person this opportunity then it will open the door to a remarkable moment, of course if this person is only out for themselves, then we just move on.

The heart connection is an art of sorts but simple to master, you know when you have a heart connection because you feel a flow of energy from your heart to another, it is an effortless energy exchange one that will not drain you but will enhance and give more energy, ideas and creative direction, it is a constant flow of positive emotion, like a loop.

Of course there is so much more to this, the more we manover our conscious heart energy the more we can benefit ourselves and others.

When connecting with the heart you can feel how you can give the knowledge needed to heal and guide in the world we live in.

Imagine a group of people all sharing the same heart connection, think about the energy they provide to the group, think about what this energy can do. This is limitless and will spark creation in so many ways.

When clients come and see me, I help them understand this and feel and recognise this connection because this is the energy flow that will help provide them with all the knowledge needed to heal, or repair their life.

I had been a spiritual medium for years and still am but even at a young age I knew it was not ghosts and entities that are haunting us. I knew that we are all connected, and I understood how to manipulate this energy to give me what I needed at the time.

Forget Psychics and Mediums, yes they are semi real and they do have a gift, but this is a gift that we all have, its easy to access and use, there is no real mystery with it, ghosts that throw things or move furniture do not exist, that is complete rubbish. However there are souls that have passed over that are real, they are just an energy and we are able communicate with using our conscious connection.

For now though, you might like to practise using this incredible sense to connect with people for good, imagine the relationship you can have with a new client or a business when you have this, you will understand what they need and how you can best serve them, this has an effect of them feeling that they can trust you or your business.

With no agenda, and no surprises there is no more abuse of power.

The businesses and corporations that give the hard sell will fall to the wayside, giving the genuine small company a Head/Heart start.