Soul-Mates and Twin-Flames the Real Truth

What is the real truth about Soul-Mates and Twin-Flames?

In my readings I have many people asking about lost relationships and connections that they would like to rekindle or keep a connection with.

When this connection is not forthcoming from the other person, they rationalise that maybe they needed to learn from it? Or perhaps that they have to be strong to enable themselves to be patient in order to be with the one true love. People confuse these moments as a life path test, in order to prove themselves worthy of being with this soul. In reality they go through hell with this person and put up with a less than ideal situation for sometimes many years.

Hope is a word that best describes this situation, I think if people realise that if you have to go against the natural flow then this is not meant to be, it is all part of their inner feelings and emotions of belonging, needing love or not being alone.

It is quite common for clients to feel that they are in a Soul-Mate or Twin-flame relationship when often sadly they are mistaken as they do not accurately understand what a Soul-Mate or Twin-flame relationship actually is.

As Sentient beings we are all connected in one way or another with the conscious energy that is our essence, this is the intended state for all living things, including animals and plant life too.

It is also a common misconception that these soul connections are sent as some sort of learning exercise, I do not subscribe to this theory, it is my belief that relationships of all types are about support and the joy of experiencing a loving union or companionship. Our wants, needs and fears are the cause for most of the decisions we make daily.

Soul mates don’t exist but we are part of a much bigger conscious family, we are multi-dimensional beings with immense knowledge at our fingertips. This conscious soul family is with us for all eternity, each soul playing out their part at all levels of our existence, we recognise these souls in each incarnation. Ever felt an instant connection with a soul you have only just met? This is a soul recognition in action! However, this does not mean that this soul is your one true love or Twin-Flame, it is simply a knowing that exists between souls but is lovely all the same. What you choose to do with this connection is entirely within your free will and is not a predetermined scenario by any means.

If you are struggling with relationships then the first place to look is inside yourself, just ask yourself why you need to be with that someone, be really honest with yourself. Understanding yourself is half the battle, hoping to be in a relationship where they help you with your life is probably not going to help you in the long run.

Good relationships flow, they do not need to be worked on, this is a myth. But flowing with someone in your life with an equal energy and outlook is the relationship you should be looking for, remember facing challenges together is different to challenging each other. Being accepting of a person's energy is different to accepting the negative behavior.

I wish you well in your search for love, we all deserve this beautiful connection and can achieve it. Be open and honest and let the energy flow.