What is ego

Ego is "That emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life” (Andrew Cohen)

From the spiritual perspective, this is defined as pride, self-importance, and the narcissistic need to always see oneself as being separate – separate from others, separate from the world, separate from the whole universe. Ego is a love-denying obsession with separation, narcissism, and self-concern.

Why are some souls ego driven?

Some souls are ego driven out of fear, fear that they need to be seen, or heard in some way as they feel that they are below others. This is in fact an illusion created by their own ego, their desire for praise and acknowledgement remains paramount in their search for acceptance into a grouping or society.

Clearly the grouping or society make their own rules neglecting others and listening to others input, this is of course an ego that serves as protection.

What are the consequences of this?

The consequences are indeed quite severe as the ego fueled soul makes an illusion that is not genuine nor realistic within keeping to their abilities and knowledge. A social folly remains this has to be maintained with more energy needed , and results in failure as we cannot keep this illusionary ego perpetuated for an entirety, this turns illusion into delusion resulting in believing in our own made up reality.

How do I protect myself from becoming ego driven?

Protecting ourselves seems easy as we are aware at the time of change of what we are about to embark upon. The uneasy practicality is our passion for what we believe in or hold dear to our hearts, this starts to out weigh balancing reason or true purpose.

Such is the feeling of rejection or non acceptance within a world that is not playing in a fair and true way itself, forces our hand to out shine or out wit our fellow souls.

Working with this in mind we have to come back to our source, our soul, our purpose of being and growing.

Are we growing to fast? are we even growing in the right way? With these questions and a true answer from our soul, we can then reign in our desire over practical belief and purpose.

To summarize, you only have to feel if you are in-fact on your own correct life path.

Confidence or Ego?

It would appear that there is a fine line between confidence and ego, the difference being that someone who is confident about their ability or someone who believes totally in themselves without question. This belief is indeed unshakable and this is engaged with passion and knowledge for their soul knows that they are staying true to themselves and their life path. Showing that you are confident is a commanding emotion that others feel subconsciously, they do not question you but soak up your knowledge and passion to initiate their own passion and recognize imbued abilities. This is inspirational and accepted in a genuine way as we feel this without fear or jealousy.

The confusion lies when confidence is interpreted as ego on the part of the spectator because they are insecure and often jealous or fearful themselves, this then would be deemed a threat to their existence and future.

Now with ego the difference is that the soul is indeed fearful and jealous and wishes to appear confident with the persona and ability. Their social standing becomes the main focus which forces them out of balance. These souls are believed because of their strong will to be seen, arrogance seeps into the emotion to cover the imbalance so as not to be found out. The folly continues as the power from others believing fortifies them even more. The end result is at some stage we have no foundation or support which only leaves one way to go, and that is down.