Conscious Connections

Spirituality has grown in popularity over the years, there are many theories as to what spirituality is, however I am not going to delve into this vast topic here as this one word encompasses many ideals and beliefs, religious and non-religious.

My wish is to discuss a reality that I know and trust, one that I have experienced and one that I know to be true. This is the consciousness that we all are and constantly connected to.

We are more than just a three dimensional physical being, we are ten dimensions or more, although hard to believe and without proof, very difficult to help people understand.

What I try to encourage clients in my work as a spiritual therapist, is be open minded, and if the information I give you doesn't sit well or feel right, then I always advise clients to disregard and be discerning as I do not force my views or beliefs on anyone, it is important for each soul to listen only to what resonates with them at any given moment in their evolution.

Some people shut down when such topics are talked about it doesn't make them untrue, it just exposes the fact that the client may be fearful, or not ready or possibly closed altogether. Often when the world around them starts to change and they are not in control they can sometimes panic.

It is Easy to point the finger and call some one mad than to face up to the fact that maybe we have forgotten or not even have known the real truth.

With this in mind let's be open to the possibility that we have always been connected to each other, including anything with a life force,which includes plants and animals too.

Science has proven this with Quantum Entanglement where molecules from the same origin are separated and moved to a different place, they then rotated one molecule clockwise and in turn the other molecule turned anti clockwise of its own volition. This is a simplified example of what they discovered and shows us on a scientific level, that all molecules are in communication with each other. Here is a link to wiki about it

Soul connection is exactly the same, we can connect with any living thing this way and the implications of this are far reaching. I believe that Telepathy is a very real phenomenon and when you consider Quantum entanglement this does not now seem so science fiction does it? Telepathy is an ability that we as humans have always possessed however we have long forgotten how to use it!

Telepathy is just one way of communicating, we do not need words to know another's thoughts or feelings, we can easily and naturally sense these emotions and decode them all, we just need to tune in and listen to what the ancients have known all along. This ability to sense another soul means that we do not have to be in the same room or building, the soul can be anywhere in the world or universe, we can still tap in to them just as easily.

Being a spiritual medium I had this ability when I was very young I thought others had the same gift, I know now that we all do but some of us choose to use it and develop it more and others have forgotten or don't know.

Connecting with people is my job and with it I can feel everything about them. I can sense their past, present and often their future too, there is no magic to this as we are all connected and I am in no way unique on this front. Another soul can and could read me just as easily if they so wished. This connection also applies to souls who have left this earthly plane and moved on, it is no different, the soul remains the same but just sheds it earthly coat, in actual fact it is sometimes easier to connect with these souls as they are more open and happy to share, so to speak.

In essence, as sentient beings we all have an innate ability to connect and share ourselves in a much more meaningful and soulful way than modern society would have us believe, my mission is to share what I know and understand to be true to help all souls live a free and more authentic life.