A Question of Fate or Destiny

What is Fate or Destiny?

The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. ( Dictionary )

Fate or destiny is and has been known throughout time as an outcome that is predestined or set in stone by us or the universe, this has in fact bought about a way of thinking that many people feel rig their lives and choices.

“Don't tempt fate” people say, well this in itself brings about changes that are set to happen, whether we influence, will or pray for an outcome it would seem that it sometimes happens.

Was it that we predicted it or did we attract it to us? these are all good questions.

What I know is that as soon as people realise that there is in fact no fate or destiny, then they will be unlocked from a pathway that encircles their life, choices that keep them in a perpetual cycle. I am often asked for predictions and what peoples life purpose is, however trying to explain this is quite long winded and some people cant seem to grasp it.

There are times when outcomes can be predicted but for this to happen, everyone concerned must not deviate from their thoughts and vision for their plans in life. We can wish and dream for something or someone but without the intention of the heart and mind often this will not be achieved. I suppose it is like giving birth to an idea and letting it become.

Back to fate, fate is only a prediction that has occurred, a thought that has intention and energy to become real. Destiny being tied to fate is the same, for example a souls destiny might have been to marry and have 2 children, but somewhere along the way it changed, it changed because of their free will and that of others.

This brings us to freewill and our life's purpose, so many people ask me what their life's purpose is, and the brief answer is, what ever you want it to be. Yes it is true, being here on earth is a wonderful experience one which is full of wonder, joy and opportunities, we just have to look at the world in a certain way to have this.

A souls life is not and was never meant to be mapped out for us, we are connected spiritually and have a sixth sense and intuition but these are to guide us to where and what we want to do and be. I think if more people realised this, then they would not accept negative situations that prevent them from being free. Of course the world is full of positive and negative and it is hard to feel like you have any choice in the world when you seem to have little or no power at all.

Every thing can change in a very rapid way once we have mastered being in control of our own lives, one that is ever changing through experiences and choices, make your own way and say goodbye to a fate that was never yours.