Trauma Energetic Healing

Trauma energetic healing is a system of healing using  the power of our brain and our conscious spiritual self to heal our body and mind.  I believe Trauma can have a profound  impact on our health both mental and physical and we carry this trauma throughout our life which then accumulates over time in turn blocking the natural processes of our brain and bodily functions.   

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A Question of Fate or Destiny

What is Fate or Destiny?

The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. ( Dictionary )

Fate or destiny is and has been known throughout time as an outcome that is predestined or set in stone by us or the universe, this has in fact bought about a way of thinking that many people feel rig their lives and choices.

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What is an attachment?

An attachment by definition states that;
A feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like.
Something that attaches; a fastening or tie.
With the above in mind, a spiritual attachment can be positive or negative. If we look at the positive, then we can say that spirit guides angels or love ones past, are positive as they bring us love guidance, and of course positive energy. We embrace these spiritual beings as we benefit from this bond and relationship, this is an unconditional relationship.

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Healing Your Soul and Bodies Trauma