Trauma energetic healing(Spiritual Energetics) is a system of healing using the power of our brain and our conscious spiritual self to heal our body and mind. I believe Trauma can have a profound impact on our health both mental and physical and we carry this trauma throughout our life which then accumulates over time in turn blocking the natural processes of our brain and bodily functions. Read More-----

We connect with different people everyday, we may not communicate verbally but we do interact on a different level, a more subtle level. We sense many things from others and yet we do this subconsciously, our brain utilises this constant flow of information and we make judgements and decisions based primarily on this. Read More-----

Spirituality has grown in popularity over the years, there are many theories as to what spirituality is, however I am not going to delve into this vast topic here as this one word encompasses many ideals and beliefs, religious and non-religious. Read More-----

Over many years I have been able to understand how we are all able to heal ourselves and show others how to do the same. It is my belief that many illnesses come from two places, trauma experienced directly and indirectly plus toxins from the world found in our environment created by man and nature. Read More-----

What is Fate or Destiny?

The development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. ( Dictionary )

Fate or destiny is and has been known throughout time as an outcome that is predestined or set in stone by us or the universe, this has in fact bought about a way of thinking that many people feel rig their lives and choices. Read More-----

In my readings I have many people asking about lost relationships and connections that they would like to rekindle or keep a connection with.

When this connection is not forthcoming from the other person, they rationalise that maybe they needed to learn from it? Read More-----

Ego is "That emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life” (Andrew Cohen) Read More-----