About Me

I'm Darren Leigh and I am the founder of Spiritual Energetics.

When asked to describe what I do, it is quite difficult to put that into words especially when I adapt with each client and this changes how I Read or Heal.

To help explain, I can remember talking with spirit from a very young age not knowing that this was not the norm, however it was a part of me that increased my overall perception of everything and everyone around me.

This heightened sensitivity and extra knowing sometimes made my life difficult to navigate as I did not understand that reading peoples minds and emotions was something unusual. As an adult it is often tricky to be so sensitive to the souls surrounding me, so imagine if you will, what this is like for a child?

Over time and with the help of my guides and spiritual family, they made it a bit easier for me by helping me to understand how energy and intuition works between souls.

After leaving school I entered into an apprenticeship at a well known hotel, the work was heavy and the hours long but I gained my apprenticeship and qualified as a Chef and worked the restaurant circuit.

At twenty two years old I started my own company called Caterfirst which became very successful, I supplied Chefs to large catering facilities, nursing homes and schools. I had achieved a great deal but I felt that I was not living in the truth of who I really was, I had neglected my spiritual side and felt isolated because of this.

I decided to use my Spiritual abilities to offer Readings, Healing and was soon working the Spiritual Churches in and around my county. My Spiritual work was far more soul satisfying and soon took over all of my spare time.

It became apparent that I was going to have to make a choice and a very big leap of faith if I was going to continue to honor my Spiritual work, and so in 2006 I did just that. My Client base grew and I enjoyed running development workshops fueling my passion for teaching. More opportunities opened up and I traveled to America and Costa Rica which only enriched my work further.

I have now learned a lot more about the real nature of my natural abilities and how I can enable other souls to heal and to understand what the world is really about. This purpose was not my destiny or fate, as I believe these are concepts that really don't exist, this was my choice and I chose this road willingly even though it was not always a smooth journey.

Spiritual Healing and Reading is a tough area for any of us drawn to it, we are often open to some very intense criticism from souls who do not understand what we do. Fear is a hard task master and those who fear are often more than happy to use you as their whipping boy.

Now I live in a most beautiful part of Rural France with my lovely partner Georgie (who is also a Energetic Trauma Healer and Nutrition Therapist ) our cat Bonnie, and our dogs Poppy and Luna. We have a Chambre D`Hote where people can come and receive healing for many problems and ailments. We also offer tuition and guidance to anyone wishing to understand and develop.

Blessings, Darren