Darren Spiritual EnergeticsWelcome to Spiritual Energetics and Trauma Energetic Healing,

Thank you for taking the time to look around and get to know who I am and what I can provide.

Readings, Healing and Spiritual Advice

In short I offer Spiritual Energetics and Readings, This therapy includes many different modalities that are connected together in a bespoke way that help deal with Traumas, Physical ailments and negative influences. Not only do I offer this but also give readings to help you negotiate your life.

Many of these issues separately or combined can prevent you from being happy, healthy and realising your true potential. 

I have been spiritually connected all my life and have utilised these senses(abilities) to understand and to help others with great success.

I can connect with people in many ways however primarily my services are used via Telegram, Telephone and Skype. I am able to meet face to face to provide more help if needed and  provide other courses and retreats with my partner Georgie who is a natural healer and reader like myself.

Please look around and may I suggest you start with reading about me, to get a feel of who I am.

No hurry, take your time I’ll be waiting to connect with you when you are ready.

Wishing you happiness and peace.

Darren Leigh



Be Happy Be Well Be Free