I’m Darren Leigh,

Life is tough and everything we have experienced can have a major effect on us.

Do you feel like you need a reboot? Do you seem to be struggling with connections in your life?

Do you struggle with health, direction, purpose and fear?

If yes, then join the millions of people everyday that feel this way, you are not alone.

I have had an amazing life to date and have suffered too but I have always had the ability to understand others, and have been blessed to have spiritual advice on tap when the need arose.

I have worked hard to gain the knowledge that I freely share but most people enjoy the personal touch.

What I offer is bespoke to the individual and needs to be because we are all different, but I guarantee you, if you have an open mind and spend time with me, I will enable you to change your life forever.

You can Be happy, Be well and Be free.

I look forward to talking with you, I work remotely and therefore offer all my services through, telephone, Skype or Telegram messenger.

Do you suffer From?

  • Did you know that trauma causes physical illness?
  • Did you know if you clear these traumatic blocks then your body can heal?
  • Your body has the ability to heal itself, let me teach you how.
  • No need for long courses of treatment, one session is all you may need.
  • All sessions conducted over the phone or telegram messenger.

Physical Symptoms:

  • Chronic fatigue,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • brain fog,
  • panic attacks,
  • insomnia,
  • chronic pain,
  • arthritis,
  • back pain,
  • migraines,
  • adrenal fatigue,
  • IBS.

Psychological Symptoms:

  • Hypersensitive,
  • Guilt,
  • Fear,
  • Tearful, Despair,
  • Low Self Esteem,
  • Poor Body Image,
  • Easily Startled,
  • Depression, anxiety,
  • Unable to Maintain Relationships.